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Happily homed hounds - filmed November 2014







Hello Pat,

Just a note to let you know that Minnie (Offshore Snapper) is settling in well. She has met a variety of dogs, quite warily so far. No cats yet, but rabbits get her attention! Traffic noise makes her jumpy.

We travelled up to Lancaster for a short break, & Minnie had no problems with the journey. So we think she is wonderful!

Best wishes,
Sue & Bob Yates
September 2014





Hi Pat,

After a couple of walks around the paddock with Banjo ,we just knew she was the one!

We were a little worried that Ted (our Cairn Terrier) and Belle (as she is now known) may not get on, we needn't have worried, they are both friends so all is good.

Belle is such a lovely dog ,she has settled in already, with no "accidents" at all and has taken to her new spot in the lounge on her bed.

We had another Greyhound, Penny, up until about three years ago when she passed, in hindsight although we were heartbroken, I think we should have replaced (wrong word) her sooner.

We can't thank you enough, hope you like the pictures

Kindest Regards,
Tony and Maria
August 2014







Some happily homed hounds - filmed August 2014







Hi Pat,

Just a quick note from us, that we are back in Denmark in good shape. STANLEY IS AMAZING!! Nothing less than PERFECT! He has taken it all in the most fantastic manner and we are already deeply in love with him and VERY proud of him. What a dog!!! Even the stairs he did with ease after only one try. We are amaaaazed! I will be back soon with more on the forum

Thank you so much Pat & Dick for a wonderful day! It was great fun and I simply cannot get your beautiful Greyhounds out of my head. So amazing seeing those top tuned BEAUTIFUL dogs in all colours. What a sight! It has been an adventure for us adopting Stanley and we enjoy every second with him and canít thank you enough for all your help and support. Please send our warm regards to everyone working with the Greyhounds at the Kennel. They were all GREAT!

Kind regards

Kjell & Charlotte and of course Stanley

PS. Right now Stanley is lying under my desk on my duvet (that he has chosen) sleeping away after a good walk in the rain.
August 2014





Hi Pat

Thank you so much for the pedigree etc. We have called him Ben. He is settling in so quickly. totally clean and seems happy and relaxed.

I am looking forward to a time when he can be let off the lead as he so wants to run with the others. I will start training him with the whistle in a few days, this should be easy as he loves his food and treats.

His coat is looking better already, he has had a shampoo, as you suggested, and his coat is shining and a wonderful dark chocolate colour.

I am keeping him on a bland diet at the moment and he has shown no sign of upset.

The grandchildren are coming tomorrow to meet him - I will send pictures later.

Thank you so much for finding us this gem of a dog.

August 2013





Hi Pat,

Just a line to let you know that Pixie is settling in very well. No problems, she loves all the family ,the grandchildren adore her and she gets on well with them. She is eating well loves walks, nigh time is no problem she goes to her bed well, she is an absolute joy.

Thank you for letting us give her a home.

Gill Shroder

July 2013





Hi Pat,

Photo attached of Magic which was taken yesterday. As you can see he has made himself at home! Lily is really enjoying having him, as we all are. We've bought him a squeaky fluffy toy which he loves to play with and chase after in the garden, much to Lily's delight.

We have been having some training to learn the basics e.g. stay, come etc and that is going very well. We've found that there are some noises which really scare him so we need to work on these to try and de-sensitise him.

Kind Regards,
May 2013
















Hi Pat, hope all is going well?

We are loving having Maisie. She is such a joy and even the cats are enjoying her, one more than the other, but its nice to see them together. She has quite a little character on her now and is becoming quite cheeky in her little ways.

When we got her off you you mentioned about when we go on holiday we would be able to leave Maisie at the kennels for a small fee, would that still be possible as I know you have moved and didn't know how much space you have got. We are thinking about going on 14th July for a two week break.

If it is not convenient do you know of anyone else who might be able to have her for the two weeks or any other kennels that you know of. We are thinking of entering her in the Retired Greyhound Show at Stifford in June but just waiting to see if that weekend is free for us.

Kind Regards,

May 2013






An update on Jack!

He is settling well, he's still pacing and panting but showing signs of relaxing. As below pic!! He has also played alot so we have got more toys today as was not sure how he would be.

Been one accident that was in 1st few hours but nothing since. Last night he cried for about 20 mins but then settled fine.

Today we went to the woods and he met a chihuahua followed by a St. Bernard!

So he knows dogs come in all sizes! He shows no sign of aggression but is a little scared. As for the ferrets he's pretty laid back, no launching at them just likes to watch them play with a few wines!

May 2013
















Hi Pat,

Just thought I would drop you a line or two to let you know how Magic (Magical Romeo) is doing since we picked him up on Saturday. As you can see from the first photo Lily is besotted with him. He is so gentle and calm with her. In the second photo (taken this morning) he had quite a long walk and conked out when he came back!

Saturday night he whined a little and we got up a few times to reassure him and make sure he didn't need the toilet as everything was so new to him. Bless him, he had an accident about 5am (he wet on the floor) which we had anticipated and then last night he was really good and had no accidents at all so we praised him and Lily gave him a treat. He did however, do a very big wee in Pets at Home yesterday whilst we were sorting out an indoor collar for him! Now I know what to look out for as he was pacing (exactly what you had told us he would do when needing the toilet) and getting agitated!! You live and learn!

He's had a number of walks in the fields behind us which he seems to have enjoyed and we also took him to Hatfield Forest yesterday. He was brilliant around the other dogs. Really well behaved. He walked so well on the lead and didn't pull.

We've had one or two tail wags. He does seem a bit disinterested in us and maybe a little subdued. I'm not sure if this is his nature or whether it's normal with greyhounds making the switch from kennel to home life. I was worried in case he was missing the other dog he was kennelled with?? I am assuming that we will get some more tail wags once he gets to know us a little more and becomes accustomed with his new surroundings. I just want to make sure we are doing things right for him. If there's anything you think might help please let us know.

He is quite comical as he is just the right height to inspect all the work surfaces in the kitchen to see what food is going! Mary was right when she said he would be a real begging monster first of all. I've been trying to say 'No' quite firmly which is hard when he looks at you with his lovely brown eyes.

Best wishes,
April 2013














Dear Pat, Andrea, and all you other lovely people at the RGT Essex branch,

Just thought I'd write to let you know that I am continuing to make myself fully at home in my (relatively) new place and I LOVE it!

I make my new mummy, daddy and sisters smile every day and they spoil me rotten with lots and lots of love and cuddles. I'm a bit of a lazy bones really and love all my comforts, and loose all my inhibitions when I'm fast asleep on my back. My little sisters think its really funny when I'm asleep and they can see some of my teeth, they think I'm smiling - dreaming of how lucky I was that people like you gave me the opportunity to be found by my new, forever family.

This life definitely beats racing (even though I wasn't all that keen on that in the 1st place!)

I hope my old friends in the kennels are as lucky as me someday. Hope to see you at the Retired Greyhound Show in June.

Lots of love and wet Greyhound kisses,

Rocky (previously King John (Jonny))
April 2013





Dear Pat,

He is adorable and has really settled, carries the stuffed toy I bought to the kennels when I picked him up everywhere, even on the bed at night! We have been down the sea front each day, be loves it and gets so excited, been good with other dogs too so socializing well!

Please pass a huge thanks to Andrea at Dunton for me, I'm so grateful to have such a beautiful boy in my life :)


Carole Wingrove
February 2013


























Hi Pat,

Hope this email finds you well. Thought we would update you on Ella's progress. She's settled in really well. There has been no growling or jealousy between her and Dexterous and he seems far less anxious since we've brought her home, he hasn't cried at all since she's been here.

She's great on her walks, and loves being up on the settee with Dex, I've attached a photo!

She has an obsession with plastic bags, emptying them, chewing them etc...

We wish we could have a house full of Greyhounds, if only we didn't have to work and lived in a mansion!!!

Many thanks,
Sam & Clive
February 2013











Hi Pat,

Hope its all going well at the new kennels. It's a year today since we got Scooby from you so wanted to send you an update! He's doing really well and we've even been able to let him off the lead (though we're careful where we do this). He's very good with other dogs and we've even found some Greyhound friends that he likes to play with! He's added so much to our lives wouldn't be without him!!

All the best to all of you at the kennels who do such a fantastic job!! May many more people find a place in their home and heart for these beautiful dogs!!

Love Caroline, Daisy and Scooby! Xx
February 2013
















Hi Pat & Dick

A quick update on Domino. Holly & Domino have become inseparable no argey bargey at all, Pat and I have likened them to the Road Runner cartoon, Holly is Road Runner while Domino is coyote.

We are still trying to figure out how she actually manages to stand up,she is so laid back, nothing seems to phase her.It took us 15/20 mins to get her out of her bed and down the stairs to go and empty the other day. We literally rolled her out of bed then manually walked her (front legs forward then back legs and push) to the stairs, then gravity and more pushing took over then we had to repeat the process downstairs to the back door. She then stands there thinking what have I got to do, and its like watching an energy bulb lighting up, as it gets brighter she realises she needs to pee, then as it nears full brightness she thinks I better have a poo.Then its like the lady of the manor she is knackered and needs to lie down for a rest.

Picture the scene a fish pond 12 x 12 , with two foot high wall, Holly running around and around being chased by Domino. Domino thinks blow this for a lark I will wait until Holly comes back the other way then pounce on her. Holly comes back the other way and Domino takes an almighty leap for her, only to realise in mid flight that Holly is no longer there. To late to turn back Domino is committed and so carries on flying over the spot where Holly was, over the fish pond wall and lands 3/4 of the way in the pond and some how manages to get out and begins to freeze.

She eats food like it is her last meal and we mean fast like Take your mark, get set, finished, and everybody else if given the chance.

She had her front dew claw cut off the other day by the vet(she had caught it whilst running),not only did everyone in the vets know about it but also the whole village knew.She then hobbles out of the vets with lots and lots whoa is me and little whimpers of I need to lay down I feel faint.

Apart from all that we like Domino pizzas so you cannot have her back.

Pat & Kevin

January 2013





Hi Pat and Elaine

I thought I would give you a quick update as to how Trixie is getting on as it's now been a week since we got her. First up I have to say that we love her to bits, she is such a happy and affectionate little girl and full of character and has fitted into our lives brilliantly. Nelson and Trixie are getting on well, there's been no real tension between them and each day they're getting closer, they've even shared the same bed once or twice and there's been no problems at their meal times either. They love going on their walks together and walk quite happily side by side, they seem to bring the best out of each other as Nelson sometimes freezes for no apparent reason but since he's been with Trixie he hasn't frozen once. Trixie is quite wary of dogs she doesn't know, where as Nelson wants to make friends with every dog he sees and Trixie sees this and it has given her the confidence to approach them and has made her happier around them as a result.

All in all we are very happy and proud owners of a pair of beautiful greyhounds, life wouldn't be the same without them in it, we love them so much. Thank you for all the hard work and dedication and giving us the chance to experience the joy of owning greyhounds.

Best wishes and Good luck for the New Year!

January 2013











Well done! Rehoming 170 dogs is fantastic. News on Uncle Benny ... Sad to say poor Benny has had eye trouble. Finally a corneal ulcer was confirmed. On Wednesday he underwent surgery to see his eyelids together. Hopefully it will heal. His next appt is 2nd Jan. Benny has to wear a big bright blue Elizabethan collar. He is a very good boy. For the past few months he has let me put eye creams and drops in. He is coping. I let him sleep on my bedroom floor since surgery.

Everyone loves Benny. He's a real wimp and so loyal. He hates to leave my side if I let him off the lead. He always manages to have an expression that makes people go ahhhh.

He's popular at the vets and the grooming lady adores him. Everyone thinks he's a fantastic dog.

So now please wish, pray or whatever you do that his eye is saved.

Have a lovely Christmas and all the best for 2013.

Judith Wright
December 2012





Hello Pat,

Thought I'd give you an update on Jen. She has now been with us for 4 month's. Can you believe it?! I know it feels like she has always been here but......

At the end of October, for the half term week, I took the 2 dogs and my 2 kids to see my Mum, on the Lincolnshire coast. Very cold but bright. Well we had some
fantastic walks along the beach. Jen loved it. The sea, the sand, chasing the birds and her ball, she had a great time. Biz has always loved the beach, but not the
sea. A really good break for us all. Got some good pics too, I'll try and send some.

Sorry I haven't been able to get down, but with no car I have to rely on friends or my Dad. Not easy. I miss my car. Ah well.

Have a great Christmas and New Year.

Hoping to get to come down in the New Year.


December 2012





Hi Pat & Dick

Just a quick update on Domino.

First night back home we were up at 1, 2, 4, 5, 7 & 8 o/c not a bad nights sleep really.

Second night up at 2, 3, 5 & 8 o/c even better nights sleep.

Third night slept all the way through and then could not get her out of bed.

She gets up the stairs alright but Sonny beats her coming down the stairs, but she is getting better at that. Eats like a trojan and so laid back we don't understand how she can keep standing. You never told us about those what have I done wrong look she gives you all the time, it makes us feel so guilty. She likes our bed, she is also a little thief, because we are constantly find things have gone missing and finish up in whichever bed she happens to be in.

At the end of the first week we let her off the lead, no muzzle and she gets on famously with Holly and Jamie.

Domino and Holly have become we think good friends, its a case of chase me and catch me if you can (oh and some snappy snappy we are friends). Holly turns on a sixpence, Domino was turning on half a crown now its down to two bob.

She as met other dogs including little ones and so far (touch wood) no problems. When called she will come back if she is not distracted.

So thank you both for giving us first choice, she is so much like Rosie its just not true. She actually got in the same bed with Holly a couple of nights ago.

She likes banana and orange.

One last thing, did you know Domino means Cloak worn with half-mask to conceal identity.

Will give you another update in a few weeks time.

Love to you both
Pat & Kevin

November 2012





Hi Pat

All good this end, training is going well, she has a strict routine and lets us know what she wants and when she wants it done ;-)

She's happy playing with toys and doing laps of the garden. We are both enjoying the exercises and company.

Would it be possible to get contact details her owner/trainer as we would love to have a photo of her after she won a race. Do you think that would be possible?

Warm Regards
Tony Glass
November 2012






Just a quick hello, thank you and an update.

Marita (who now seems to have been called Katt as its all she will respond too), seems to have settled in well since coming home on Sunday.

There have been no accidents in the house with toilet training and she is eating well. Nothing seems to faze her around the house either, not bothered by the TV, washing machine and luckily Alfie. The only thing she point blank refuses at the moment is to go up the stairs, and Iím sure in time that will change. She likes to hoard and had started to collect any fluffy toys she can find and pile them up next to her bed.

She has been on walks to the park and been off the lead, she isnít bothered by any other dogs but she does have that look when she sees a squirrel. Her toe stopped bleeding once we got home and I put some more powder on it, I think Maureen would have told you about the nail clipping incident.

So far so good, I will keep you updated on any more new and how she is getting on.

Thank you once again,
John Simpson
October 2012











Hi Mark/Pat/Mary & Bob and anyone at RGT Ockendon who may be interested in how Dan is getting on!

We were thrilled to be able to take Dan home yesterday after introducing him to Snowdrop and finding that neither of them had a problem with each other. Thanks to Mary and Bob for their guidance and for making the process so easy. Thanks also to Maureen and the other walkers at the kennels we spoke to who gave us their take on Dan. Poor boy was sick twice in the car on the way home, but otherwise travelled quietly and there were no growls from either dog-quite happy to lie down together. He will get regular short car trips to some of our longer walks so hopefully will start to associate the car with fun things before too long.

Dan explored our garden on the lead when we arrived home and played a wee game (I'll wee wherever you wee!) with Snowdrop before coming inside. He liked the chews and toys, and quickly chose a sofa to nap on (see photo). He had lots of cuddles with Tom as part of the settling in process and after a sleep he came for a walk before teatime. As we expected he was very strong to start with but settled nicely and relaxed as we went round the park. He saw a few other dogs and just watched when Snowdrop had a play with one of her friends. We glimpsed a cat but although he was definitely interested, he listened and did some zig zag walking to distract him and didn't bother with it. He ate his all his tea and surprised us by being quite a slow eater but we were really pleased that he was happy to feed in the kitchen at the same time as Snowdrop (at opposite ends of the room), which will make life easier than separate feed times, athough they will of course be supervised-just in case.

After Downton Abbey (!) he was happy to go out again before bed and actually understood how to tackle stairs; it took Snowdrop 5 months. He spent a peaceful night with only one excursion to the garden and was a good clean boy-always a bonus He ate all his breakfast and was left for an hour while I took Tom to school and no problems when I returned. We tried a different walk this morning and met a friend with a big Labradoodle who Snowdrop gets on well with and Dan stood quietly while they charged about and let my friend make a fuss of him. He is a very loving dog and I hope that we continue in this way. It is a different life from the one he has led but at this stage nothing seems to phase him-he is happy to follow Snowdrop and she has really perked up after losing her little whippet friend last week.

I will keep you posted on his progress and will send the remaining £50 donation when we get paid on 25 October. Thank you again for entrusting this lovely black boy to us.

Best wishes,
Louise Skinner
October 2012











Hi Pat,

Hope all is going well with the rehoming the Greyhounds. Just a short note to let you know that Maisie has settled in really well. Maisie has slowly got used to the cats (I think she was more afraid of them really) and we have now got to the stage with all three animals in the same room sleeping. Maisie was quite nervous when she first came to us which was probably just her getting used to her new surroundings and our routine, but now her cheeky side is coming out. Still follows me everywhere though like a shadow. We have had some lovely walks and she has become more confident and we have let her off the lead and after a couple spurts she comes straight back.

We all can't get over what a joy she is though and how much she sleeps. Maisie is definitely a Lazy Maisie.

Thanks once again for enabling us to have Maisie. After reading this though you probably think how inadequate we are!

Take care and speak to you soon.

October 2012




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