Greyhoundhomer Rainham would like to say a special thank you to the following individuals and organisations, without whom we would not have been able to achieve as much as we have over many years of operation.


  • Thanks to Emma Brogan who took on the 2017 London Marathon to raise funds for Greyhoundhomer, at time of typing a total of 791.20 has been raised.

  • Thanks to Jollyes Pet Store in Stevenage for the donation of food to Elaines Kennels at Bishops Stortford, much appreciated!

  • A big thank you to all the staff of Jollyes in Letchworth for their very kind donation of food for the dogs in Bishops Stortford kennel.

  • A big thank you to 12 yr old Ellie Wright of Greenaway School, Royston for raising 50 for Greyhoundhomer through having our charity feature in her magazine. This fabulous magazine that she has designed she sells to the pupils at her school for 30p. Every month she features a charity and the money raised by the sale of her magazine goes to the charity. Ellie also helps our charity by helping out on our stands that we have in the Royston area with volunteers Sheila and Elaine. Well done Ellie and thank you very much.

  • Thanks to all those who've helped Elaine out at Pets at Home shaking the tins and promoting the Greyhounds

  • Thank you to Petra Eayrs for the donations from her mothers funeral

  • Thank you to Miss Maureen Thompson for the donation from her funeral

  • Greyhoundhomer Rainham would like to send a belated thanks to all the customers and staff of E & B Pets, Stanford le Hope for the generous donations of treats and food for the Retired Greyhounds. The hounds send their upmost appreciation as they thoroughly enjoyed them.

  • Mark & Abi Smith for their generous donation and treats for the dogs

  • Sheila and Elaine & little helpers who raised 101 at Tesco in Royston on Saturday with the help of Mersyside Lady who charmed everybody!

  • Thank you to the Retired Greyhound Trust Shop in Warsop, 1b Sherwood Street for their 200 donation

  • A big thank you to Frankie Fitzgerald who adopted Houdini back in March, he has put our name down at his local Waitrose who fund charities and he has raised for us 226. He has also told me that he is trying to organise other events for us so keep up the good work Frankie!

  • We would like to thank the anonymous individual who sent in a large donation, thank you very much!

  • Greyhoundwalks donated coats, fleeces and vet beds for the kennels

  • Below is a photo of the Hall family who very kindly made a donation of 140. This was money collected at the funeral after the sad loss of Carole Hall. Carole was a wonderful wife mother and grandmother. and loved animals, she was very fond of the Greyhounds at Greyhoundhomers kennels in Bishops Stortford and her husband, and son felt that she would have wanted the money collected at her funeral go to our charity. In the photo from right to left are Don Hall (her husband), Stephen Hall (her son), Brandon and Josh (her grandsons), Tracey Hall (her daughter-in-law), Elaine Sheppard and John Sheppard from Greyhoundhomer and Elaine's grandaughter Summer Richards with Greyhounds Block Cross and Quivers Charm. Carole was Elaines cousin.

  • Stan and Brenda Rayner for their donation

  • We'd like to say a BIG thank you to everyone who donated to us for the hounds over the Christmas period.

  • Greyhoundwalks for their donation of beds and treats for the dogs and sweets for the volunteers who help Elaine out

  • Renate Pfeiffer for her donation

  • Linda Tweddell for her donation in memory of 'Cannon'

  • Sue Cook for her donation

  • Simon Carter for his donation

  • Martin & Stephen Knight for their donation

  • David & Heidi Earle for their donation for Christmas

  • L N S Sporting, Worthing for their donation

  • Slaughter & May for their donation

  • Luke Backhurst for the money raised on a sponsored bike ride

  • Rachel Clift for her donation

  • Mr & Mrs Homes for their Donation

  • Sue and Tony Bestjan

  • Jean Timicke

  • Yvonne, Barry and Jan

  • Minibecca for the donation for goodies for the dogs

  • Eddie & Maureen for the hamper

  • Sue 'the jam' for Christmas puds and jam for the raffle

  • All those who have donated to the raffle

  • Lisa Cornish for her tremendous effort taking on the Great North Run 2010

  • Linda Twedell for the money raised at the 2010 Indian Night

  • Slaughter & May for their donation of 500

Pat presents Helen Lindsey with flowers at the Greyhoundhomer Indian Night 2010. Helen

nominated Greyhoundhomer at her place of work (Slaughter & May) and the challenge was

for Helen to work for us at a fundraising event and raise 500 or more. Helen worked for us

at the Essex County Show at which we raised more than 500, and Slaughter & May promptly

sent us a cheque for 500. Thanks very much for your support!

  • Mrs Noe for her donation

  • Mr Carlson for his donation

  • Sue & Richard for the money raised recently through the narrow boat cruises and jam making

  • Nicky Solkhon for helping us out with some flowers

  • Everyone who contributed to the raffle

  • Donna Halftec for her donation

  • Sue & Richard for the money they've raised by providing people with trips on their narrow boat

  • Mrs Noe for her donation

  • Mrs Jean Timcke for her donation

  • Mr Martin and Steve Knight for their donation

  • The Davidge family for the money raised from the funeral of Colin Davidge

  • Thanks to some of Alison Ingrams owners who took part in the Brentwood Half Marathon for us raising 149.68. To see some more pictures click here.

  • Donna & David Halfteck and Buzz for their donation

  • Jean Timcke for a third donation

  • Chris and Sue Bishop for their donation

  • Mrs Port for her donation

  • Mr & Mrs Riley for their donation

  • Masha for her donation

for their donation.

  • Jean Timcke for a second donation.

  • Thank you to Vivien who completed a sponsored swim in September 2009 raising the magnificent sum of 1000 for Greyhoundhomer Rainham. It is greatly appreciated by us all.

  • Hazel Homer for her donation of coats.

  • Jean Timcke for her donation.

  • Mr Croucher for his donation.

  • Greyhound Walks for their donation.

  • Tracy for the Dedham run and the sponsorship she raised.

  • Sue Cook for her donation and jam making.

  • Ann Spratley for her donation of the contents of her husbands pockets collected every evening!!

  • Gibsons Corner Shop and Deli, Chelmsford for their donation.

  • Corrine Broughton for her donation.

  • The Walkers at Ockendon for their donation.

  • Bersheda Kennels for their donation of raffle prizes.

  • Linsell family for their donation in memory of the late Jim Linsell.

  • The Catholic Womens Guild.

  • Eddie and Maureen Jones.

  • Linda Tweddell for running the curry night.

  • Weather Togs for their donation of Greyhound coats for the kennel dogs.

  • Gipping & District Dog Training Club for their donation.

  • BAA for their donation.

  • Greyhoundwalks for their contribution of paint for Elaines Kennel.

  • Honour Smith for her collection pot.

  • Tesco's for allowing us to have Meet and Greets at their stores.

  • Nicki Cockshaw donating coats to the Greyhounds.

  • Jump Start, Car and Bike Accessories for their collection tin.

  • Vince Lewis for his sponsored bike ride.

  • Tanya Dean for her sponsored Driving Challenge.

  • June Skippings for donating the proceeds of her plant sale.

  • Martin and Susannah for their donation.

  • Paul and Helen Comber for their donation.

  • Dawn and Andrew Fraser for their donation.

  • Everyone who donated prizes, supplied food and attended the Quiz Night at Fox's Yacht Club. A grand Total of 811 was raised all going straight to the Greyhounds.

  • Mick Wallace for a collection raised at his uncles funeral and donated to Greyhoundhomer.

  • Kevin Lambert for his donation now and throughout the year.

  • Eyke V.C. Primary School Staff for their donation.

  • A huge thank you to everyone who has donated goods, services and cash raised though lots of different ways. Every penny goes towards finding homes for our Greyhounds.


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