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The Humans

The Humans

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Granted, the plot is somewhat unrealistic and silly - it is after all about an alien who is put on Earth to complete a mission - but said alien’s observations on humans are spot on and very interesting as well as hilarious. It tells the story of an alien sent from the planet Vonnadoria to remove all evidence of the solving of the Riemann hypothesis (the key to prime numbers which guarantee a huge technological leap for mankind) by eminent Cambridge professor Andrew Martin.

By this point, I’d mostly checked out, hoping the narrator had one last good joke in him about Catholics. With his experiences at the forefront of his mind, this book provides what you need to hear if you are suffering/ have ever suffered with depression. Much of the first half of the novel is taken up by his puzzled analyses of primitive human ways: the nightly news, he reckons, should be renamed The War and Money Show; getting drunk is how humans forget they are mortal, while hangovers are how they remember. Love is truth") above the level of the " Desiderata" poster or the sort of wry and twinkly conclusions about what it means to be human that Spock was often subjected to at the end of a Star Trek episode. Like Kurt Vonnegut and Audrey Niffenegger, Haig uses the tropes of science fiction to explore and satirise concepts of free will, love, marriage, logic, immortality and mercy with elegance and poignancy.The beginning is delightful, since the alien in its human form walks around without clothes and is arrested. The two of them were famous in their fields of education, Isobel on history and Andrew on Mathematics, and as authors of bestselling books. Professor Andrew Martin of Cambridge University, one of the great mathematical geniuses of our time, has just discovered the secret of prime numbers, thereby finding the key that will unlock the mysteries of the universe, guarantee a giant technological leap for mankind and put an end to illness and death. For those that don’t know, a human is a real bipedal lifeform of mid-range intelligence, living a largely deluded existence on a small waterlogged planet in a very lonely corner of the universe.

The Humans is told from the point of view of an alien sent to Earth to dispose of new mathematical understandings which could help the human race to make significant scientific advances. Andrew Martin is a brilliant mathematician who solves the Riemann hypothesis which will change the world as we know it. UPDATE 01/03/18: It's been four years since I read this novel and it still remains one of my all-time favorite books.I don’t want to give too much away because you need to read this book, but when managing mental health issues, we may not converse with people and in turn, affecting them. I just love how in the beginning, he questioned everything and thought humans were the dumbest species to ever exist, and then he grew so fond of humans - it was such a beautiful thing to see him fall in love with humanity. Andrew Martin, a mathematician at Cambridge University, was married before the alien took his identity. When you watch the news and see members of your species in turmoil, do not think there is nothing you can do. While this is in an alien-human context in this book, this process is also applicable to any new encounter with an ‘alien’ culture among us humans too.

The first part of the book has several comic moments, the alien arrives knowing nothing of human life and finds himself naked and without language on a motorway.A protuberant central nose, thin-skinned lips, primitive external auditory organs known as ‘ears’, tiny eyes and unfathomably pointless eye brows. Every ingredient inside a star is inside you, and every personality that ever existed competes in the theatre of your mind for the main role. Promptly run over, the naked alien hero regenerates, escapes from the shocked ambulance crew and heads to the nearest building – a weirdly rectangular and bizarrely static refuelling station labelled Texaco. The basic set-up here is that an extra-terrestrial being inhabits human form and sees the world and it's people with fresh eyes.

When you are rolling your eyes at the book you are reading every few pages, suspension of disbelief goes out the window. He is disgusted by the way humans look, what they eat, their capacity for murder and war, and is equally baffled by the concepts of love and family. For those that don’t know, a human is a real bipedal life form of midrange intelligence, living a largely deluded existence on a small waterlogged planet in a very lonely corner of the universe.

There are some hilarious but also very wise philosophical statements and scenes in this book, which I will share later this weekend. There are tons of quotes about how “love is life” and how “it’s only through our flaws that we can truly appreciate humankind. An unnamed alien is therefore sent to Earth on a mission to ensure humankind remains unaware that this secret has been solved. You know how you think your family is pretty normal until you bring someone over to meet them and you see everything and everyone anew through his eyes?

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