Welcome to the Greyhoundhomer RGT website! We hope you enjoy your visit and you find this a useful and informative website. Staff at Greyhoundhomer RGT have been homing retired racing Greyhounds since 2006 and have homed over 2000 dogs since starting up. Greyhounds make truly wonderful pets, and many who take on a Greyhound find the experience so fulfilling that they soon find themselves drawn to a second dog. Greyhounds are loyal, friendly, funny, affectionate, gentle, quiet, clean, loving, sensitive, trusting, good natured and generally very lazy! To the right of this text you can see a slideshow featuring some of the dogs we've homed this year.


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Like all homing organisations Greyhoundhomer has it's fair share of older girls & boys looking for homes and a number of dogs who for some reason have been with us a long while, and returnees. So if you're looking to take on a hound please don't overlook some of our older, longer term or returnee residents! Greyhounds can live to between 13 and 15 years old and therefore even taking on on an older dog you should have plenty of good times ahead with you. For further information about any of the Greyhounds below please contact Pat (Dunton), 01708 551 689.





London is a truly lovely dog, who has been overlooked for far too long. He has a lovely temperament and is very affectionate. Would make a fantastic family pet.

Contact Pat, 01708 551 689.






The Retired Greyhound Trust is pleased to announce a new specialised dog food, called 'Pet Greyhound'

This new dog food has been created with everything your greyhound needs in one complete feed. It is manufactured by Dodson & Horrell and produced in conjunction with the Retired Greyhound Trust.

Why is Pet Greyhound ideal for your greyhound?

  • Rich in chicken for an appetising meal for fussy eaters

  • Protein level of 19% that is perfect for pets

  • Enhanced key vitamins, amino acids and trace nutrient levels for improved coat condition

  • Green lipped mussel, Omega 3 fatty acids and mobility herbs to provide nutritional support to joints

  • Functional fibres and prebiotics to provide nutritional support to digestive and immune systems

  • Natural, wholesome ingredients with no added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives

  • Quality Life Care - a patented antioxidant package to mop up free radicals and provide nutritional support for your dog's own natural antioxidant system

1 from every bag purchased is donated to the Retired Greyhound Trust.

Get two 15 kg bags delivered to your door for just 40 (UK mainland only).


To order visit http://www.dodsonandhorrellpetfood.co.uk/pet-greyhound

or call
01832 737 300



Greyhound photos on the Pet Greyhound bag are courtesy of Judy Zatonski


Dodson & Horrell launches Pet Greyhound food for the Retired Greyhound Trust

Dodson & Horrell has joined forces with the Retired Greyhound Trust to develop a Pet Greyhound food, designed to meet the specific nutritional and health needs of greyhounds with 1 from every pack sold being donated to the charity.

Dodson & Horrell has been manufacturing quality animal feed for just under 75 years, with the well-known Chudleys Dog Food remaining one of the company's flagship brands.

By understanding the varying nutritional requirements of pets and working dogs, combined with a wealth of experience, the latest research findings and modern manufacturing techniques, Dodson & Horrell develops comprehensive dog foods for different breeds.

The nutritional recipe of Pet Greyhound is what sets it apart from other pet food on the market. Developed with a top animal nutritionist, it contains Omega 3 fatty acids and mobility herbs for healthy joints, an ideal 19% protein and enhanced key vitamins, amino acids and trace nutrients for an improved coat. It aids the digestive and immune systems with functional fibres and prebiotics and is rich in chicken, making it an appetising meal for fussy eaters.

Pet Greyhound also benefits from the Chudleys' Quality Life Care package, which is a patented antioxidant feature that mops up free radicals and provides nutritional support for a dog's own natural antioxidant system.

Sam Horrell, Dodson & Horrell Marketing Director, said: "We are dedicated to the nutrition of animals and Pet Greyhound food delivers the ideal diet with the specific needs of a non-racing greyhound in mind. We worked with a top nutritionist on Pet Greyhound to ensure it is filled with the essential vitamins and nutritional benefits that greyhounds require.

"We are delighted to be working with the Retired Greyhound Trust on Pet Greyhound and have pledged a 1 donation to them for every bag of Pet Greyhound that is sold, to help them continue their vital work rehoming thousands of greyhounds each year in Britain."

Pet Greyhound is competitively priced (RRP of 19.95) and is available from Retired Greyhound Trust Branches and affiliated re-homing centres as well as the Dodson & Horrell online store.

Peter Laurie, Chief Executive of the Retired Greyhound Trust said: "The Trust receives a lot of questions from the public who are looking for the best available pet food for their dogs. This food is the answer to their questions and is the product that pet greyhound owners have been waiting for.

"Not only has Dodson & Horrell embraced Pet Greyhound, they have created a food that we strongly believe in and confidently endorse."

To find out more about Pet Greyhound and to order, visit www.dodsonandhorrellpetfood.co.uk or call 01832 737 300. To find out about retired greyhounds as pets, visit www.retiredgreyhounds.co.uk

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